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Youngstown District Retirees

Welcome to all Youngstown Retirees!
We are growing in numbers and would to see more at all of our gatherings. Our dues are $1 a month and $12 for the year.

Club Officers

We’ve elected new officers.
As of 1/8/2019, the following will be the new officers:

President – Larry McQuillan
Vice president – George Matyas
Secretary/treasurer – George W. Kiraly, Sr.
Trustee – George S. Kiraly
For more information, call one of the officers or the Union Hall.

Congratulations to our latest retirees.

Gregory Birtalan
John Durkin
Ted Berchtold
Robert Woolf
Jeffrey Miller
Robert Spalding
Scott Lippiatt
Leigh Collins
Dennis Leonard
John Kormos
Paul Bates
Paul Lippiatt
Michael Tatar
Dean Cadotte
Samuel Lippiatt
Peter Green
effective 03/01/2019
effective 12/01/2018
effective 11/01/2018
effective 11/01/2018
effective 11/01/2018
effective 10/01/2018
effective 09/01/2018
effective 09/01/2018
effective 09/01/2018
effective 08/01/2018
effective 07/01/2018
effective 07/01/2018
effective 07/01/2018
effective 06/01/2018
effective 05/01/2018
effective 05/01/2018

Enjoy your retirement and come meet us for breakfast at Charley’s.

The following are the anniversaries of members in good standing:

15 Year
1) Christopher J. Evans
2) Donald D. King
3) George M. Pollock

25 Year
1) Matthew I. Krieg
2) Joshua R. Weary

40 Year
1) Gery Francisco
2) George W. Kiraly
3) George A. Matyas
4) Jeff R. Miller
5) Robert E. Miller
6) David E. Patton, Sr.

50 Year
1) Jose A. Colon
2) Robert E. Herlinger
3) William J. James, Jr.
4) Frank R. Reda
5) David R. Zabel

60 Year
1) Joseph W. Kiraly
2) Robert C. Mullen
3) Philip R. Spalding
4) George Svetlak
5) Floyd Vaughn

Congratulations to the following new retirees:
1) William Kuebler
2) Eugene Howey
3) Ken Bailey
4) George W. Kiraly (40 yrs)
5) Mark Ogden
6) Ken Donaldson
7) Virginia (Ginger) Hamilton
8) Jeffery Pegues

Retiree Breakfast and Meeting

Every first Tuesday at 9:00AM of each month at Charley’s Family Restaurant near the corner of Kirk Road and Raccoon Road. (See Map Below)
All retirees in good standing are welcome.

Youngstown Retirees Club Images

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